Saturday, November 8, 2008

Corvette RAK from Dawn

I got a sweet surprise today when I opened my mail. This card from Dawn Lusk! I left a comment on her SCS gallery for this card saying that I wish it was accompanying a Corvette that I've been wanting for my 5oth birthday (in a couple of years, not now!). My DH says "no way", but I'm still holding out. My dear brother had two of them, and when I was a senior in high school, he would let me drive it to school (yes, he was a "cool" brother, nine years older than me). How cool did I feel pulling up next to the other kids' station wagons and broken down cars? Anyway, I just had to post this and thank her so much for this nice Random Act of Kindness! Thanks so much Dawn, you made my day!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

hope you get the REAL THING Lisa!!


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