Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Won a Blue Ribbon!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share some news with you. I entered some photos and some of my cards in our local county fair, the Erie County Fair. I've been wanting to do that for some time and decided to bite the bullet! I entered some pictures of my dog that I thought for certain were going to win.  The category I entered was a three picture progression category.  These are the three I entered.

I just thought these were just so cool!  My dog just loves to dive into that pond.  But, alas, these did not win!  I also entered two cards that did not win.  I was feeling so dejected!  I entered this tag on a whim and this is the one that won a blue ribbon!  I made this for a JUGs Wild Card challenge which you can see blogged here.  It was hanging on a Christmas tree in the corner with all the other tags that were entered!  I thought this was hilarious because I walked right by it and so will everyone else!  LOL!!!
 Here's a picture of my tag with the ribbon hanging on the tree!
So I won this pretty ribbon and $5!  LOL!!!  And see my name on the exhibitor's tag?  It also displays my age!  You can't see it on this one, but on my other two card entries you can see it loud and clear!  Ugghhh!!!!! Thanks for indulging me in my first-ever blue ribbon win!


Lynn said...

Lisa, your pictures are absolutely how you captured the movement and the lighting so perfectly! laughing about the age...why do they need that??? Your tag is incredible!

LeAnne said...

Well, I think your photos are blue-ribbon worthy, as is your tag! At our local county fair, the photos that my family and I think should be winners, never are! I think the judges have a different way of looking at things than we do..not necessarily right, either! They're winners in my book!

Romaine said...

Lisa, I think those pictures are fantastic! You must have a fast camera!
The tag is gorgeous! Lol on your age being revealed for all to see. :0)

Carla S. said...

Congrats on your Blue Ribbon, Lisa! Your tag is gorgeous! I think you should have won for the great photos of your dog, too!

Michele (mitchygitchygoomy) said...

If those judges would have seen you standing beside your blue ribbon with your big bold age for all to see, they would have pinned a blue ribbon right on you for looking sooooo FAB at that "number":))))) You are awesome. Love all your creative blue ribbon work, Lisa. Your pics are blue ribbon worthy as well. Congrats.

diane zechman said...

Great pics, Lisa, and congrats on the ribbon!!

Vicki Dutcher said...

How cool is this! Beautiful tag, but I have to say your DIVING DOG just rocks! :)


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