Saturday, March 8, 2008

Two More Dog Pics (are you bored yet?)

This is Lizzie in our backyard looking for her toy after I threw it! She looks like an ostrich! See the snow? Not much for our area, but it is March 8 already!

This one is the last, I promise! Of all the pics I've taken of Lizzie, this is my all-time favorite! She was only a few months old and it was taken at our cabin in Cherry Creek, NY by our pond (does this land look familiar, Cheryl?). Look at that face and that dirty nose! She is the sweetest dog (next to Kali, of course)! Scroll down for my other *dog* posting!

Well, thanks for letting me go on about my dogs. We have no children, so this is the next best thing! Have a great weekend!

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