Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Wedding and the Cake

Well, my nephew is finally married! After making all the shower and wedding invitations and the wedding cake, I can finally relax! I never did make them a card because I ran out of time. That will be done at a later date (I think they'll understand)! Well, here's the cake!

Michael and Tanya were very pleased with the cake, and I was relieved! I had planned to put the flowers on the cake, but they were just too big. Tanya made her bouquet from these Gerbera daisies from Pier One, so I decided to use them as well. The cake top is a "K" for their last name. They got this from The Knot, which is a wedding planner site. I just went on it for the first time, and they have everything from soup to nuts regarding weddings!

And here is the happy couple just minutes after the beautiful ceremony! Aren't they a beautiful couple? While Tanya and her dad were dancing, Michael told me he was so nervous the day before about the whole wedding. But he was having such a good time, he didn't want the evening to end. He just couldn't take his eyes off his bride! She was very beautiful. I have to show you one more picture of what Tanya had on her feet!

Ruby red slippers! I just got such a kick out of that! I never would have been so brave to do that (also my mom would probably never have approved)! It was a lovely wedding and I wish them much love and happiness! Thanks for stopping by!


Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! The cake is GORGEOUS!! I love the pearls, the square tiers and the fleur de lis and scallops on the icing!
They are a beautiful couple and the red shoes-what a great touch!
Have a good week, Lisa!

Melanie said...

wowza!!! If I could do it all again I would wear red shoes!!! how fabulous, what a great idea, thansk for sharing these beautiful pics, congrats to your family!

diane zechman said...

Oh Lisa, the cake is Gorgeous! It matched the bride and groom perfectly!


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