Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PMS Clearance Extravaganza!

Hi all! I just wanted to pop in quickly and tell you about a great clearance extravaganza sale PMS is having. Normally this week would have been the PMS Super Tuesday sale when a handful of stamps have major price reductions. But instead, this month PMS is participating in a web wide Clearance Event started by Scrapbooking Roads. There are massive sales making 75% of the site on sale! Some of the prices are even priced below 50%! This is a great way for PMS to reduce their inventory while you increase yours! However, there is a catch! (There's always a catch isn't there?) Only a limited quantity of each item is available at the sale price. When that quantity is reached, the product will return to its normal price! You can go here to see what is on sale. You won't want to miss it!
Thanks for stopping by today!

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Katie Cotton said...

ahahahahahahaha! i love your smiley!


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