Saturday, August 23, 2008

Like a Kid in a Candy Store!

That's how I felt today! I went to the StampScrapArtTour in Hamburg, NY today (it also runs tomorrow) with my SCS friend, Cheryl Rowley. We met there when it opened at 10:00 and left at 4:00! When we went in, there didn't appear to be many vendors (only 20), but boy, were we pleasantly surprised! Almost every stand we visited had our heads spinning with creative stamps, designs, and techniques! I mentioned to Cheryl at one point that this must be what CHA is like on a much smaller scale...I can't even imagine being at CHA! Anyway, I came home, stretched my legs, rubbed my feet, ate, took a nap (LOL!) and then looked at my loot! I decided to share that with you here: Is this crazy or what? Cheryl and I kept on saying "we have good jobs" as a way of justifying our purchases! There were a lot of companies who were selling unmounted "naked" rubber stamps, so we were buying some of those to ease the pain in the wallet! At one booth we saw the new Basic Grey paper (Eva and Ambrosia) and Cheryl said that this booth sort of looked like our own LSS, Buffalo Stamps & Stuff, and sure enough it was! We told the owner that and she commented that she didn't think she had a "style", but she does! I think I spent the most $$$ there! We are so fortunate to have a great store like hers in our area. She is always on the cutting edge of the stamping industry and I love frequenting her store. In fact, she has lined up Karen Lockhart for two classes in October...I am already in the book for that one! Her husband was there promoting his "moose" stamps...the Hanna Riley moose stamps. He really likes those!

I've taken the opportunity to list some of the vendors I purchased from today below.

Buffalo Stamps & Stuff - A great store if you are ever in the area!
Seaside Stampin' Ink
Sweet Impressions Stamps
Stamp Camp
Just For Fun - Cool stamps for creating "postage-like" designs.
Art Gone Wild - This place had stamps on blocks that "rock"...they are curved on the rubber side. Really cool!
Rubber Cottage
Darcie's Country Folk - Great images mounted on cling vinyl, die-cut and in clear DVD containers (bought 3 sets!). Their paper was different...sized 12 x 18. They look like placemats (you can see them in my picture under the stamps)!
Lost Coast Designs - Unmounted border stamps for $2!

Well, that's it! I should get off and start putting this stuff away and start making something with them! I just wanted to also say "Hi" to my friends Kathy, Linda, and Liz that I saw there today. Anne and Judith, I looked for you but I think my eyes were focused on too many other things (LOL!). Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my virtual tour today!


Cheryl said...

Great picture of all your new stuff!
You captured the day beautifully in your post! It was so much fun!
Thanks for all the linds, too!

diane (cookiestamper) said...

wow- looks like you two had a fun day!


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